The International Law Studio is a legal firm specializing in litigation, general corporate counsel, real estate, personal law and trusts. It was established in 1985 by Vincent Lualdi, Esq., as a result of his experience in:

The legal offices of Italian multinational operating companies

Creating and representing multinational joint ventures

Inheritance, liability refunds and family law in the U.S.A.

Industrial product liability in Australia

International Nonprofits including a Florence based foundation in association with the most important photographic equipment manufacturer in the world

Contracts for the construction of a major amusement park in Paris, France.

Today the International Law Studio is uniquely known for its work representing and litigating Family law issues, with an emphasis on international child abductions, the drafting and management of estates, wills, trusts and real estate sales and purchases representing buyers, sellers and investors.

When it comes to taxes and wealth protection, our specialized work in the area of trusts supports our clients and their financial asset goals. We achieve this highest level of protection through clear guidance on the most financially advantageous strategies to satisfy the needs of the trustee, family and individual.

The International Law Studio is uniquely equipped to determine the best path forward for an individual or Trust, based on citizenship and place of residence, while also considering the local economic and tax liability of the investment.

We also help our clients realize the best path to transfer their estate to designated beneficiaries. As the Post Word War II generation ages, we have become skilled in executing the support administration (amministrazione di sostegno) as ruled by Italian law, for citizens or residents who need assistance safely caring for their property.

As a leader in these legal disciplines, the firm provides specialized legal support not only directly to our clients, but also to both domestic and foreign lawyers seeking co-counsel or advice regarding Italian law specifically, and European law more generally.

In litigation and other cases where professional experts are required, mechanical, chemical, electrical and software engineers, forensic accountants and an array of psychological specialists are all available to support the individualized needs of our clients.

International Law Studio has won the highest liability award in Italian history for personal injury. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident on the job or in your home, or has been hurt physically or emotionally as the result of an employer, product or service, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

The Law Studio has a long history of successful residential and commercial Real Estate projects, from assisting in the contracts and development of investments in various fields like Hotels, Agriturismo, Country Clubs, Wineries and multifamily residential units, as well as closing and financing of family homes.

The studio operates across all elements of the real estate industry, assisting the owner, seller, family or investor. We can assist with initiating the search, to development of the project and the drafting of the relevant contracts to insure a streamlined closing from taxes to local and federal filings.

Vincent Edgar Lualdi, Esq. has won many awards over his carreer as a litigator and leader in International law and Trusts. He was most recently asked to participate in a global congress organized by the International Bar Association, which sought to pinpoint the best country of residence for wealthy entrepreneurs seeking to transfer their estate to their heirs.