After graduating from the University of Florence as Doctor in Jurisprudence in 1981, Vincent E. Lualdi was staff member of Recordati S.p.a. in Milano as international Contract and License Manager, 1982-1983 and S.I.E.T.T.E. (a unit of ITT) in Florence, 1983-1984 in the same function.

He joined the Florence Bar Association in 1985 and has since then operated in international matters, ranging from licenses to bankruptcy, from inheritances to child abductions and adoptions.


Volunteer lifetime activities of Vincent Edgar Lualdi 

1. Altar boy from 8 to 15 (first years in Latin).It was my first experience as volunteer, Latin was hard and I really did not understand what I was saying, but it came in handy when it become a subject in school when I was 11…..

2. Involved in waste management consultation and putting pressure on the Comune di Fiesole, using the studies of Prof. Pietro Porcinai, famous environmental architect, for the securing of the gigantic waste deposit in the Cave di Maiano, 18-25. Close to home, a mile up a dirt road, the Comune of Fiesole started dumping the garbage of the whole town area, it was disgusting when the winds came my way. So I started complaining and another neighbor, late Prof. Pietro Porcinai, told me what was the right method to use in these case to limit the pollution. I started writing petitions, having newspaper articles published and threating lawsuits, but also sent in the instructions on how the dump was supposed to work to avoid pollution.
The Comune of Fiesole slowly adapted and now the dump is fully reconditioned and under control.

3. Cofunder and Vice President of the Comitato Tutela Colline Fiesolane, to prevent the consequences of strong pressure to alter the environment on the Fiesole hills facing Florence with the sponsorship of various important local entities, including the Harvard University, and with the support of the Verdi party, 28-32. The Comune had begun the approval phases to allow the construction of 3 camping areas, one was planned near the dump!
I set up a committee, with other two neighbors, and lots of others joined in.
We collected signatures on petitions and asked expert environment scholars to help us out, as well as help from the press.
We organized up to 5 committee meetings, and the major participated to most of them.
It was loud, but it worked.

4. Cooperation with the Verdi’s party, Senator Prof. Arch. Enrico Falqui, on the reordering and cleaning of the banks of the Arno river, with the navigation of the river from Arezzo to Pisa, that led to today’s walk/bike ways from Pontassieve to Signa, 33. Involve with my previous experience, Enrico Falqui asked me to help him out with reordering the banks of the Arno river, so that they could be clean and a place people could enjoy and protecting the animals and birds.
The highlight was a ride in the river with flags and horns, from Pontassieve to Signa.
Others covered the area from Arezzo, and others from Signa to Pisa.

5. Operator in a unit associated to the Protezione Civile (Italian F.E.M.A), in radio communications for emergencies, cooperated with Misericordia in many drills, and was among the first to carry out supply provisions to the populations of Umbria affected by an earthquake, earning a medal from Giorgio Napolitano at that time Ministro degli Interni, 50. This, like the other experiences, required petitions as well, for better equipment and less red tape in the emergency procedures.
I was appointed as one of the main managers of emergency in the Comune di Fiesole.
In the event of the earthquake in Umbria, (when the ceiling of the Cathedral in Assisi came down), I immediately alerted my friends for water and food, the one that had a spring gave me the water in liter boxes that I carried with my car and a trailer over to Gualdo Tadino, and their produce.
I traveled in the area two times a week, and the Misericordia gave me a truck with a driver that followed me in all my travels with the produce other friends and acquaintances gave me, as well.
I received a recognition from the Lions of Chianciano, and a medal from Giorgio Napolitano.

6. Involved in many drills with a unit of the Protezione Civile and Misericordia, for the research and rescue of lost people in avalanches, earthquakes and other catastrophic events with his trained dog Jea, diploma to Jea from the Major of Fiesole. After some time I decided to get a German Shepard to train for emergencies, that was the best experience.
I trained my dog every weekend in a school specialized in Protezione Civile, and we had many drills in Tuscany and I organized one in the Alps with the Aiut Alpin of Ortisei.
When I told my wife I was going to the earthquake in Turkey with the dog, she told me I could go alone, since she did not want to put the dog in a dangerous situation …….

7. Tenor in the Coro Città di Firenze since 2006, singing in the Teatro Comunale, S. Peters in Rome and other churches and theaters for charity and fund raising: in due course of action. I was invited to join do to the power of my voice and the knowledge of music.
We hold many concerts during the year, most of them for fund raising for hospitals and care programs.
The music ranges from Mozart to Verdi, Handel, Puccini, Ramirez and others.
Coro Città di Firenze is an ensemble of 60 singers.

8. Volunteer work for DA-Florence: in due course of action. I joined DA to support the election of Bill Clinton, and attended various meetings, like the one that was held in Rome, and one of the parties that was held there. I also cooperated later on in the election with Al Gore and Obama.
I had the opportunity to appreciate and learn a lot from Jo-Ann White and Cathleen Compton.

Sports 1. Hiking; since I was 10, member of the Club Alpino.
2. Snow Shoe trekking; Last four years, in the Alps.
3. Biking; biked to school in Rifredi and back to Fiesole and continued when an adult. Participated to the Eroica.
4. Skiing; since I was 5. Now I ski in the Alps a week every winter.
5. Sailing; I organize a cruise and rent a boat every summer for a week or two and enjoy it with my friends
6. Swimming. I can swim a ½ o mile.